In 2016 after stumbling upon videos on Youtube of ‘minimilasts’ living in Thailand for months at a time only bringing what they could fit into the tiniest of backpacks, our founder Cameron became curious  and decided he wanted to give it a go himself, initially just for short trips. He ditched the suitcase for his next flight and instantly fell in love with the freedom and simplicity of lightweight travel, and his desire to further improve his packing efficiency took him on a journey of discovery into the whole minimalism culture. 

Fast-forward one year and feeling unfulfilled after a couple of years in his chosen career, and with a burning desire to take that Gap Year he had never had, Cameron quit his corporate job in London and embarked on a 10-month adventure through the countries of South America and Europe, with the crazy idea of only taking the items he he could fit into a modest 30-litre backpack! 

The trip was an amazing experience and although the limited belongings made life hard at times, the decision to take such a small backpack had definitely been worth it. Upon returning home he noticed a trend of budget airlines reducing their luggage allowances and knew he could help people by sharing his knowledge and passion for travelling lightweight, but in a way that fitted his sustainable values. Vespula was thus born, giving travellers the knowledge and the tools to beat the airline baggage size restrictions.

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